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Unwrapping the Art of Gift Giving


Unwrapping the Art of Gift Giving

We've all felt dread shopping for presents. It's never easy buying gifts to impress big clients, or friends and family who already seem to have it all. Just like other skills such as gardening or baking, not everyone can say they’re masters of the art of gift giving.

On the other end of the spectrum, we're all guilty of having that  junk closet—a neglected cupboard or corner in your pantry where odd presents go in, accumulate over the years, and never see the light of day. With something that’s so hit or miss, have you ever stopped to ask why we even bother, and why do we give presents?

The attitude of gratitude

When we show kindness or affection for anyone, we rely on their memory to remember our intentions. When we attach that message to a thing that someone can use and keep, it becomes a concrete and lasting reminder of how we want them to feel.

The act of exchanging gifts does wonders for improving our state of mind. There is a sense of satisfaction that comes with being at both ends of a gift exchange. The giver experiences feelings of happiness when they are able to share something of value. The recipient feels a sense of appreciation and value because of the time and thought that goes into the gesture.


Saying it with BOXD


Cliché as it may be, simplifying gift-giving is our way of giving to our clients. As specialists in the art of expressing gratitude, we’re happy to use our eye for luxury and style, to make your gifting experience as easy as possible. We’re thrilled that our signature and bespoke gift hampers play a key role in building and nurturing both personal and business relationships.

Tasteful and thoughtful gift-giving is not our only passion. We’re also proud supporters of Australian artisans and designers. Featuring their works in our boxes is our own little way of giving back to the community and putting a spotlight on their artistry. At the same time, our selection is made up of planet-friendly products, to encourage more people to minimise our impact on the environment.

The modern art of gift giving

Thanks to the internet, anything can practically be bought and gifted online. Although this should make it easy to select and buy presents, it makes it easier for us to rely on tired and boring gifts. Who knew that the abundance of choice would make the art of gift giving even trickier to navigate?

At BOXD, we’ll make sure your gift and the sentiment behind it is truly appreciated. We design quality gift hampers that speaks to your recipient's personality or interests. Our boxes are filled with items that are thoughtfully curated, so it reflects your taste and brand.

To start your search for the perfect present, check out our signature boxes from our online shop or give us a call at 1300 631 155 to learn more about our bespoke gifting service.

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