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Reaching Superhost Status: Should You Prepare Airbnb Gifts for Guests?


Isn't it funny that anything less than five stars on a review—even if it's a four, feels almost as bad as getting half a star? We’ve become so ratings obsessed that we rely on these scores in all kinds of purchase decisions. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to the shared services like Airbnb. To get perfect ratings, hosts go out of their way to make the experience memorable, one example is preparing welcome gifts for guests.

Small gestures make a world of difference in the hospitality business. A thoughtful accommodation gift may cost you a couple of dollars today, but it can secure you bookings for months to come. We’ve put together some of the ways a welcome kit can help your Airbnb get your highly sought after five-star reviews.

Help guests press the reset button

As much as we'd like to, travelling plans don't always go as planned. There’s delayed flights, missing luggage, 3-hour gridlocks—these things can happen to your guests right before they check-in. Though unrelated to your service, a bad start could hurt your own chances of getting a good review.

Even if their trip started off on the wrong foot, you can help them press the reset button and brighten up their mood with a stylish overnight gift hamper that will help them relax and get comfortable. Who knows, it might just be what they need to turn things around for their trip.


Make guests feel at home

Don't you just love it when a store gives you a coupon for an item you’ve been eyeing on their website, or when your favorite restaurant serves free dessert on your birthday? It feels good when a business goes out of their way to make you feel special. Your guests will definitely love receiving Airbnb gifts tailored to each occasion.

Even if there’s no particular holiday to celebrate, you can customise accommodation gifts to each guest. Parents travelling with kids would love receiving a kit with items their children can use. Guests traveling with pets would appreciate personalised boxes with treats for their furry friends. It’s all about putting extra thought to making their party feel welcome.


Share local finds and destinations

Welcome gifts for guests is a clever opportunity to feature products of local designers and artisans. This is an awesome way to introduce tourists to homegrown products and encourage them to visit businesses around your area. Make it even more personal by adding a handwritten note with a list of your restaurant recommendations, nearby museums, and attractions that they may want to visit.


Give guests memories to bring home

Who says accommodation gifts should only be things that can be used during their stay? Think beyond the usual house guest gift ideas and consider luxury products that guests would love to take home and display. Every time they see your gift, they'll be reminded of good memories from their trip, and your exceptional hospitality.

Small gestures like preparing welcome gifts for your guests can mean the difference between a lukewarm review from a great one. BOXD helps Airbnb hosts design overnight hampers that give guests the five star treatment, on any budget. Browse through our signature boxes on our online shop, or give us a call at 1300 631 155 to learn more about our bespoke gifting service.

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