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Key Handover Gifting Guide: Top Do’s and Don’ts


Congratulations on another successful deal! Whether you're celebrating settlement day with a client or welcoming a new tenant on move in day, it's always a great idea to mark the occasion with a small token of your appreciation. What you need is the perfect a key handover gift.

You don't have to be an expert or spend thousands to come up with a memorable gift hamper. Here's a quick guide to finding the right gift that will keep you in your client or tenant's good graces.


Do keep it simple

How much stuff in your own home were gifts from a company or business that you've worked with? When picking out gifts for move in day, it's best to keep things classic and simple. Stick with one theme or better yet, choose items that can be used for a particular room like the kitchen or bath.

The hamper doesn't have to scream your company name or have your face on it. Thoughtfully curated settlement gifts are conversation starters—but for the right reasons.


Don't be afraid to think outside of the box

There's nothing wrong with classic gifts like food and dry goods. But instead of being just like everyone else, you can put a little more thought into the hamper by adding non-perishable items that your client can use and keep for a long time.

Why not pair your wine with a cheese paddle? Going with sets or pairings are a great way to show that your gift wasn't a last minute idea.

Do keep it practical

While it doesn't hurt to get a few bottles of wine during property handover, it's not a bad idea to gift new homeowners and tenants items that they can use to keep their house looking and smelling good. Candles and scents are a popular choice, as well as soaps and linen.

Landlords and Airbnb hosts who give tenants cleaning products as welcome gifts can even think of it as a long term investment. Tenants are more likely to leave the property in great condition if they are gifted with these supplies.

Don't sweat it

Pressed for time and running low on ideas? BOXD is here as your bespoke gifting specialist. We are your one-stop shop for classic and stylish gift hampers.

With our thoughtfully curated gift boxes, shopping for a key handover gift has never been easier. Choose from our selection of signature gift hampers from our online shop or call us at 1300 631 155 to learn more about our bespoke gifting service.


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